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Christoph Strasser

Neuer Weltmeister 2016 im 24 h EinzelzeitfahrenSensationelle 881 km in 24 Stunden auf Citec8000 Serie Laufrädern


Besuch bei Citec

Visit to the factory

Laura Lindemann Weltmeisterin Olympische Distanz

Passion - Technology - Philosophy

For almost 20 years we have been developing and producing innovative (and often copied) wheel-sets for professional and amateur racing cyclists, serious cyclo-sportives, mountain bikers and trekking-specialists.
Special consideration needs to be given to bicycle wheels, as they are an integral, but ride characteristic defining element of the bicycle.

In 1988 the company was founded as CARBOTEC in Berlin West and introduced a new generation disc wheel. These CARBOTEC disc wheels were constructed from aluminium rims and pre-tensioned carbon skins. This rather labour-intensive construction method guarantees high lateral stiffness while maintaining superior ride comfort and control. 20 years on and with many improvements this is still one of the leading disc wheel constructions available.

1994 CITEC introduced the first 12-spoke system wheel. After moving into their own premises in Beelitz on the outskirts of Berlin development of the innovative, patented Power-Block-System was started. This technology has become the signature of all Citec spoked wheel sets.

Right now Citec are pleased to announce a totally new, revolutionary, patented rim design. Redesigning the interior structure of the rim profile has made it possible to construct even lighter rims with extremely high resilience.

Innovative ideas, permanent research and development, modern computer-aided (CAD and FEM) construction methods, exclusive machines we have designed and built to our exacting standards and last but not least rigorous quality control ensure that our wheels are at the forefront of quality and technology for years to come.

All our wheels are produced in-house with comprehensive back-up and repair-facility. This means we can offer a fast and reliable service.